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Why we care about Ergonomics for Children?


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In recent years, children’s health problems have become one of the most concerned issues. More and more pediatricians and physiotherapists are reporting that now back pain and other related problems in children is on the rise, which is possible due to their sedentary habits developed in childhood years.


Now, developed countries have been paying attention to this problem. The obvious solution is that both parents and teachers should encourage children to become more active, taking time to stand and move regularly rather than sitting at their desk or in their chair while studying.


Healthy study habits including correct posture and increased movement can relieve stress on a developing child’s mind and body - improving their attention and learning ability.

Conversely, if children are allowed to develop poor posture and sedentary habits, the potential for soreness, back pain, and lower attention spans may occur – even to the point of impacting their physical and mental ability and growth.


Now, Ergovida is following the concept and dedicated to provide ergonomic solutions for children to improve their healthy habit and minimize the damage from any incorrect posture. We provide interactive workstations and sit-stand products that follow the ergonomic needs specific to growing children. In addition, we offer ergonomic accessories that complement and improve the functionality of our products including storage units, bookshelves, foot rests and more.


Our mission is to provide advanced ergonomically designed products that help our customers improve the health and well-being of children, offering the best ergonomic solutions at the most affordable prices.


If you’re looking to change lives for the better too, please join us! 

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