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Tips for Helping Kids Get Organized


Good organization skills improve children's ability to store and retrieve information. Forming a habit of organization can help children in learning and planning. Although few kids are born with good organization skills, there are some ways to help them get used to organizing and sorting their own stuff.

1. Make a "To-Do" list

Using a "To-Do" list posted with household chores and school assignments help children become more motivated and better organized. Meanwhile, it can remind them what to bring to school and get ready for tomorrow's class. And they will feel fulfilled and accomplished after finishing the tasks.  
In addition, writing a checklist asks children to sit down and make a schedule, which will help them improve their planning skills. Apart from writing down the lists, they can add photos and voice records by use "To-Do" list apps such as Microsoft To-Do, Wunderlist, and Kids ToDo List.

2. Design the study space


You can create an area specially designed for children to study. Instead of using adult-sized furniture, choosing ergonomic study furniture which can be adjusted to fit their height in the growth process. Some of Ergovida's kids study desks that feature tiltable desktop meeting different usages such as reading, writing, and drawing. In addition, most of the desks provide under-desk drawer or bookshelf to meet larger storage needs, helping children organize their stuff and reducing clutter.

3. Sort and category

Assign chores like sorting toys, books and clothes to kids can improve their organizational skills. Involve them in the process of sorting will let them be aware of what they have now and come up with some rules about cleaning up.

4. Schedule the day ahead

Getting ready the night before can be tough, but it does help to get in the habit of the organization. Prepare the clothes, books or other stuff needed for tomorrow, and avoid getting up the next day rifling through closets in search of an outfit for school.

5. Use photos

Once the room is tidy and organized, take photos to remind what's inside the boxes, closets, and drawers, how's the desktop set, etc. Then print them out and stick to the boxes, closet door or the back of the room door, so that kids can find and restore things easily.